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People-Oriented Corporate Culture

 "Human Resource is our most vital asset." We can list many reasons to prove the viewpoint. For example, the best products are manufactured by people, the best management is organized by people, every good idea comes from the brain of people....

we  pays close attention to the cultivation of a united, harmonious, and familial enterprise culture, and promotes the spirit of self-motivation, initiative, innovative and cooperation to form an excellent working atmosphere.

Our business focuses on our human resources. we devote substantial resources to the recruiting and continued training and development of employees. Our strategy is to recruit, retain, and develop talented individuals to work in various leadership positions throughout the company. Whether for entry level students or for experienced professionals, we have inner routine program to foster this process.

we are commit to our employees' continuing education and has a training system fully integrated into our work schedule. we have new staff training courses, emerging technology training courses, management, finance, marketing, English and computer courses, and periodic special courses taught by famous domestic and expatriate specialists and professors. We also periodically select outstanding management and technology staff to study at institutes of higher learning or for inspection courses abroad. Our staff is also encouraged in their efforts to continue their education independently--in fact, we are building a learning organization.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

 It is the policy of our company to provide equal employment opportunity for all regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability. This policy includes, not only the hiring of employees, but any job placement decisions related to job assignment, opportunity for training and development, promotion or demotion, layoff or termination.