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Occupation planning

  For a new employee, the company will according to the characteristics of the post and the skills andtraining of different culture. Human resources departments issued normative system process, the professional trainer team, develop curriculum, basic knowledge, product knowledge, occupation of shaping, enterprise culture and so on all aspects of training for new employees.

  Job skills and occupation direction has the foundation, the company will according to the trend of personal ambition and ability of performance in the work, the preliminary planning out the occupationdevelopment plan personal. For developers, SINFOR provides development technical experttechnology executives, dual channel. Technical experts in technology development and innovation, to solve technical problems; technology executives grasp the project direction and product planning,lead the team to finish development task; similarly, the customer service staff, marketing staff, sharpalso provides business direction, management two talents cultivation direction.

  The business into core quality, professional quality, leadership quality three points, with a different training method to the right person. Such as through the tutorial system, let the same type to trainingtalents, rapidly improve. The main technical route of talent, the company through technical training,system of actual project experience, technology expert between learning, constantly strengthen thepride of technical talents post ability and achievement; to take the technology management routetalent, technology ability in the accumulated phase when the company will be the lead, training R & D team, leading the operation of the project, and the customer, market colleagues communication,accumulation of the project, the product to control capability, enhance the leadership.

  The occupation development plan is not immutable and frozen, closed loop process to improve educational selection, training, appointment, by use, occupation, constantly adjust the directiondevelopment of companies and individuals, let the development company and individual choice ofoptimal.