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     Manage Assistant    [2012/5/23 15:34:43]
    Place:  Jiang Su Province
    Salary:  4000 RMB
    Number:  3
    Sex:  Femail
    Age:  >24
    Job Description:

    Job Responsibilities:
    1, responsible for analyzing market research and demand;
    2, responsible for the marketing year forecast, goal setting and decomposition;
    3, to determine the target system sales and sales quotas;
    4, develop sales plans and budgets;
    5, responsible for sales channels and customer management;
    6, the formation of the sales force, training of sales staff;
    7, evaluate sales, building sales teams.
    1, college degree or above, marketing and other related professionals;
    More than 2, 2 years work experience in industry sales, sales management experience is preferred;
    3, has a wealth of customer resources and customer relationships, outstanding performance;
    4, with a strong market analysis, marketing, promotion and good interpersonal communication and coordination skills, analytical and problem solving skills;
    5, there is a strong sense of professionalism, have a certain leadership.