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The Next Ten Years China Will Strive To Shift From Textile Country To Country

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Polyamide fiber industry how to fashion the great trust

China is the largest producer of nylon textile fibers, and the future development of space is still very broad. However compared to nylon production power status, China nylon industry in product application development, brand development, culture and other fields also needs to be to enhance the strength. Nylon industry rely on scale and the expansion of the number of the era has ended, labor, and other industry related factors change the industry into a need to change the mode of development, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the new period, the need to rely on science and technology, culture, brand and innovation to drive the ascension of the whole value chain.
Fashion is a sign of polyamide fiber
Due to the civilian nylon fiber have weight light, easy to dye, high elasticity and wear loss, tear resistance, splashing water resistance and other characteristics, the polyamide fiber widely used in socks, lace underwear, corset, sports underwear, wedding dress, casual jacket, sports clothing, raincoat, jackets, quick drying vests, winter clothes, outdoor tents, sleeping bags, mountaineering bags and other fields.
The polyamide fiber applications, see nylon products already have the basic elements of fashion products, for consumers to provide reflect the popular aesthetic taste and consumption concept of high-end consumer goods.
How to make the polyamide fiber through diversification, intensification of the circulation channel quickly arrived at the terminal consumption, improve nylon products brand building roads, completed from the "product" to "commodity" to "consumer goods" value of the conversion process to be solved the problem.
Technical progress to build nylon fashion industry escort
Nylon industry chain in the spinning, knitting, spray weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing, and other various aspects of commonly used foreign advanced technology and equipment, the hardware infrastructure for the production of high quality nylon series products. Secondly, years of international trade activities enhance the enterprise production technology and management level and product quality consciousness.
China Chemical Fiber Association Professional Committee of nylon is organizing the preparation of nylon industrial technology innovation alliance, the industry chain alliance member units in the professional field of current applied basic research, engineering technology development, industrialization operation advantage, industry chain key technologies and common technologies such as research, from fundamentally improve business capability of independent innovation and finishing the level of innovation, nylon industry sustainable development escorts the Emperor convoy.
To carry out cultural and creative activities, establish the nylon fashion discourse
The polyamide fiber production enterprises are lack of investment in terms of creative design, application development, brand promotion, cultural construction, industry chain cooperation, but with the industry the development and application of the field continues to expand, to enhance awareness of the polyamide fiber, expanded nylon brand influence, tap the cultural connotation of nylon fashion etc. work has become a nylon enterprises to enhance their business philosophy of priority.
Future nylon professional committee will also to carry out exchanges and guide consumption, build brand "as the starting point, through training, display, docking the three platform to strengthen nylon fashion culture activities system construction. Special Committee convened nylon enterprise in organization of the Ministry of information industry and the state industrial enterprises to cultivate brand pilot work; every year regularly organize nylon related enterprises to participate in the exhibition, technical exchanges, media conferences and other activities; will also members of the organization of enterprise and knitting, spray fabric, textile and other upstream and downstream enterprises to carry out technical exchanges, new products and joint development docking interaction activities.
Leading industry service awareness, the ability to integrate resources
China Chemical Fiber Association Professional Committee of nylon by itself in the brand communication, media relations, the activities of the organization and management, government relations and other aspects of the advantages, to join the industrial chain advantage enterprises together to enhance the brand of polyamide fiber added value, to achieve a set of creativity, research and development, design, manufacturing, management, marketing, logistics, service and related industries of integrated innovation system support, in order to progress in science and technology as a breakthrough, full support for industrial development; focus on research and development, to enhance the competitiveness of their products; to cultural innovation as the core, to create a comprehensive nylon brand appeal, to the progressive realization of nylon products brand value maximization.