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Domestic all kinds of chemical fiber raw materials prices daily review

2012/5/21      view:

  August 22, PTA spot price increases, MEG prices trend of Pan Sheng state, semi gloss polyester chip, bright polyester chip prices temporarily stabilized, CDP slicing prices stable, PET bottle chip price consolidation trend. Acrylic staple 1.5D * 38mm, 3D * 102mm acrylic top prices are adjusted, CPL, nylon 6 chips price trend trend adjustment.

  By FDY new capacity put and buying force for shrinking the dual influence of under. Today, Sheng, Jiaxing polyester market both on FDY in a falling market, heard the sound, polyester factory fell ex factory price action is continuous, polyester variety in the ex factory price of general 100-300 yuan / t fall. Relatively speaking, POY, DTY offer will remain stable, offer POY150D/48F in 11200 yuan / T, dty75d / 72F filament networks offer in 14700 yuan / ton, DTY 150D / 144f offer in the 13200 yuan / ton, but scattered in the polyester market small transactions mostly. The polyester market volume is not big, although spinning factory polyester inventory is not high, weaving enterprise in the lower basically in the to produce quantitative or digestion and the stock of caution, and polyester spinning factory to strive to seize market share, let price promotions will continue. Therefore, shortly after the polyester market price will also have downward trend.

  Specifications for 1.4D x 38mm polyester staple fiber market price center price in 10650 yuan / ton. The price of viscose staple fiber is stable, the latest market center priced at around 15700 yuan / ton.