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Busy season nylon suffered late spring coldness

2012/5/20      view:
March is the traditional peak season in the textile market, but this year the beautiful situation seems to have become a "legend" ". Now March has been more than half, however nylon product market price, but daily fell, allow enterprises to the March legend "expectations" instead "disappointed". Nylon material caprolactam from March began to decline, quotations from 23500 yuan fell to $22600 decline reached 3.83%; and under the double pressure of raw material upstream and downstream of the procurement, nylon chips also began to go downhill ", nylon conventional spinning section now down to 24300 yuan / ton, high speed spinning also fell to 24700 yuan / ton.
What factors make the nylon market busy season? The author combined with the relevant factors are as follows:
First, inventories continued to decline, caprolactam
From the upstream raw material market trend, the recent market of caprolactam has been in a weak pattern of decline. Early due to crude oil have been supported and caprolactam movements tend to smooth, the focus of market quotation has been maintained in 23300 yuan / ton level. But short-lived, with the weakening of the overall market, sales can not boost, manufacturers inventory pressure began to enlarge gradually, caprolactam market "hold", gradually began to decline, the majority of manufacturers appeared the price adjustment operation. Although the price adjustment action to bring a certain sales, but low price has been a foregone conclusion into and caprolactam manufacturers can only continue to executive price concessions, small single handed investment shipments.
Two, sales, unbearable heavy nylon chips
Affected by the upstream raw material caprolactam, nylon chips market also produced a chain reaction, fell into the channel. This year because of the textile market in the market as a whole relatively light, weaving enterprise in the lower orders are small, so the procurement enthusiasm is not high, is the use of on-demand procurement mode of operation, so that the nylon chips market sales is "bewildered". In order to promote sales, nylon chip manufacturers had to cut prices to attract buyers eye, but buyers consider the problems of inventory and production, orders is more cautious, on-demand operation. Affected by this, nylon chip manufacturers can only repeatedly adjust our offer, hope can boost the market buy atmosphere, but it seems "contrarian hardbreak. Nylon chips Market over dosage has been in a low level.
Three, fabric sales in general, the market downturn
Finally, we from the point of view of the lower fabric market trend, the recent market to nylon yarn fabric products sales for raw materials is relatively flat, such as nylon silk interwoven 190T, 210t nylon taffeta fabrics market sales general, market prices also fell slightly; also such as TASI long conventional 184T, 228t fabric market currently although there are certain sales, mainly for leisure fashion needs, but still a small one. Although currently weaving factory product structure adjustment, extending from the plain to the Teague, jacquard, products through deep processing development such as coating, sanding, or a combination of both; but overall, the nylon silk interwoven fabric trading volume is not large, so weaving enterprise in the lower of nylon yarn procurement volume is carefully controlled. The overall market for enterprises is still not optimistic, the whole atmosphere of the market downturn.
Four, outlook
From the current point of view, the "lack of procurement" and "trading" "sales slump" is the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. The so-called "season" and "Wang", but to the nylon market filled with "unusually cold spell" embarrassing atmosphere. The recent decline in raw material caprolactam and nylon-6 chips, less demand, investment is not obvious and so on a variety of patterns, the nylon manufacturers facing inventory pressure, preferential policies are also increasing, so I expect the nylon market price outlook rushed high weakness, like mark down significantly.