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Clothing Industry Supply Chain Three Major Issues In The Field

2013/8/12      view:

Learned from the Chinese textile industry Federation of 2001-2011 ten years was the full integration of China's textile industry globalization and adjustment of industrial structure, it is also a period of profound change in management system of textile. In this stage, the development of China's textile industry has been faster and better, but it also faces pressure on transformation and upgrading.

According to reports, the "Twelve-Five" period during the construction of China's key textile power, new textile industry "Twelve-Five" aims of the development plan consistent with this strategy. Highlighted in the planning of the restructuring, innovation, brand building and sustainable development, is a further refinement of the textile power goal.

Said Wang Tiankai, President of China textile industry association this year, Chinese textile industries years basically stable, but adverse factors restricting textile industry still exists. Overall, the textile industry will be a little tight in the first half of this year, with the State macro-control measures are implemented on the domestic market in recent years to maintain basic conditions of moderate growth of the industry will still exist. At present, China's textile industry should grasp the economic growth and long-term structural adjustment, industrial upgrade and actively promote the textile industry "Twelve-Five" development plan implementation of the tasks, by brand, technology, sustainable, market objectives to advance China textile powerful nation-building, and innovation is the key to implementing textile strong goals.